Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ikan lokal yang mendominasi rawapening

Dominant fish species in rawapening
(kecuali ikan nila, pendatang baru di rawa pening, bukan ikan lokal)

The fish species found in Rawa Pening are dominated by indigenous species characteristic of open waters in Javanese lakes. These species are very much influenced by the physics and chemistry of the water, and particularly by factors such as temperature, and dissolved oxygen. These species include plankton feeders, (microphagous species) herbivores feeding on aquatic weeds, and predators.

The commonest species are plankton feeders, including Osteochilus hasselti ("nilem"); Trichogaster trichogaster, ("sepat siam", or the snake skin gourami); Trichogaster pectoralis, ("sepat rawa", or three spot gourami); Puntius javanicus ("tawes"); and Puntius binotatus, ("wader"). The commonest species of predacious fish include Ophiocephalus striatus (the snake head or "gabus"); Clarias batrachus (the catfish, or "lele"); and Monopterus albus, (the swamp eel or "belut").

The dominance of the plankton feeders in the fish community is presumably determined by the abundance of plankton in the lake. The density of both phytoplankton and zooplankton is high, and reflects the high productivity of the water in the lake. The density of the plankton varies seasonally (Goeltenboth 1979). There are no recent data detailing the distribution of the plankton in the lake and the factors affecting their abundance. The high levels of plankton in the lake do not by themselves guarantee that plankton feeding fish will be dominant in the lake and many other factors are likely to affect the abundance of particular species. It may be that conditions near the bottom of the lake and the availability of benthic food do not favour fish. There are no recent data on these factors.

Other indigenous species found less commonly in the lake include Rasbora spp (or "wader andong") and Anabas testudianus (the "betik" or climbing perch).


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